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Youngstown, OH 44515, USA

     As a national company with decades of expertise and thousands of recoveries behind us, our mission is simple - to recover your assets quickly while providing you peace of mind through the recovery process.

     When you boil it all down, our clients want to know they can trust the people they have hired to get the job done right the first time. All of our efforts behind the scenes are focused on taking the burden off of you. Our commitment to training, adherence to full compliance, always seeking to know the law and pushing ourselves to provide our service with excellence - establishes a much needed high level of trust with our clients.

Company Values

Total Compliance
Never to be understated, compliance with our clients is of highest priority to our staff and drivers. Communication is our secret to maintaining a healthy relationship and keeping ourselves in adherence with our clients.

Legal Practices
Understanding the law is critical in our line of work. Knowing when you are in breach of peace can be the difference between recovering an asset for a client in a professional manner or causing the client more problems and time.

Commitment to Training
Our industry is constantly changing with many updates in technology. Hiring qualified employees and making sure our employees are highly trained is our responsibility to our clients. As a member of both Eagle Group 20 and Time Finance Adjusters, we are committed to training and surrounding ourselves with like minded companies.

Delivering Professionalism
The most important aspect of our work is providing our service in a professional manner. Respect for our clients, our staff and the person with whom we are recovering the asset is paramount to delivering our service well.

Striving For Excellence
A constant striving for excellence shows in everything we do. From our first conversation with a client to our employee hiring process, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Ultimately, we believe this is the key difference between one company and another. Excellence, as a foundational value, constantly pushes us to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Mission Statement